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Authored by AJP

Prioritize Your Health

Welcome! I am Alexandria Nyembwe (nee Jones-Patten), a dedicated registered nurse with specializations in cardiovascular health. My calling extends beyond the confines of a hospital. With every article I craft, I aim to demystify the complexities of heart health for general adult audiences. My objective? To provide accessible and insightful content that could potentially reduce hospital visits and empower individuals to take proactive steps for their well-being. But my passion has another facet: I firmly believe in the unique perspectives nurses bring to the writing world. Hence, I've dedicated a part of my journey to guide and nurture nurses on their quest to become adept freelance writers. Together, we're forging a path where healthcare expertise meets the written word, creating impactful narratives. Join me in this transformative journey! Check out my blogs and give me feedback as you read, so that we can grow together.

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