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Two Years Down!

Authored by AJP turned two today! I'm so proud of this growing baby. When I started this content writing business two years ago I just knew it was going to be so easy and I was going to be snagging clients left and right. But the truth is it has been a slow burn that has claimed many nights and weekends. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

One of the reasons I started a business was because I wanted something of my own, where I could learn how to be a boss. It's been quite the ride. I've learned that I have a tough time with creativity, but I'm amazing at time management and getting a task done. I want to share some things that have happened in year two:

  • I wrote a book and created a YouTube channel and a course to help other nurses and healthcare professionals become content writers.

  • I gained two new clients.

  • I lost three clients. This sounds bad, but it really is for the best. The lesson here is that all working relationships are not always going to be right for you, and it's OK to walk away when the relationship is not benefitting you. Boss moves!

  • I started a newsletter, chronicling my experience with managing a full time job and keeping my business going. Yes, I still work full time.

  • I got more active on social media. I will admit, I have slacked on this the last few months, but that's OK because I am staying busy with my current list of clients.

I paid myself for the first time! Yes, it took me a while to achieve this, but I did it. Boss moves!!

This year has been a whilrwind, and I am forever grateful to everyone who's supported me. Cheers to at least another two years!

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