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Crafting Writing Samples As a New Freelance Writer

Updated: Mar 23

As a nurse stepping into the realm of freelance health content writing, you might wonder how to create compelling writing samples that showcase your expertise and passion. Freelance writing offers a unique opportunity to delve into topics that not only interest you but also align with your professional knowledge. It's a platform where your insights as a healthcare expert can significantly contribute to educating and informing diverse audiences.

Many nurses transitioning into freelance writing may feel apprehensive, especially if their experience leans more towards healthcare than journalism. If this resonates with you, rest assured that your background is not a barrier but rather an asset. Your firsthand experience in healthcare provides a valuable perspective that is sought after in health content writing.

In the early stages of your freelance career, there are strategic steps you can take to develop writing samples that highlight your expertise and attract attention in the industry. This article aims to guide you through the process of crafting your initial writing samples, ensuring they reflect your knowledge and passion for health topics.

Niche Down

Before you begin your journey in freelance health content writing, it's crucial to identify your niche. This means focusing on areas where your interest and expertise intersect, where you can confidently position yourself as a subject matter expert. Consider topics that resonate with you personally – these could be pressing issues in healthcare, trending news topics with a health angle, or specific areas where your nursing experience provides unique insight.

Narrowing down your focus to familiar territories is especially beneficial when starting out. While it's tempting to explore a wide range of topics, writing about unfamiliar areas can be time-consuming and challenging, possibly leading to doubts about your suitability for freelance writing. As a new writer, it's important to build confidence and efficiency, and this often comes more naturally when writing about subjects you know well. Additionally, as you're mastering various writing techniques and styles, and getting to know your audience, it's advantageous to do so within a domain where you already have expertise. This approach allows you to concentrate on honing your writing skills without the added pressure of extensive research or uncertainty about the content.

Find a Platform to Host Your Writing Samples

Selecting a platform to publish your work is a key step in launching your freelance writing career, especially if you don't yet have a personal website. As a healthcare professional, there are several accessible options for sharing your content.

LinkedIn is an excellent starting point. It offers a straightforward article publishing feature accessible directly from your profile. Here, you can easily draft and publish articles at no cost. LinkedIn not only allows you to share your expertise with your professional network but also provides valuable feedback and insights into the interests of your audience.

Another platform worth considering is Medium. While Medium has implemented a paywall, it remains a popular site with a vast readership. The nature of your articles can significantly benefit from the exposure on this platform, as Medium's subscribers are known for their engagement – commenting, following, and subscribing to authors they enjoy. This interaction can be invaluable in refining your writing style, understanding your target audience, and discerning what readers are seeking.

One of the great advantages of publishing content on platforms like LinkedIn or Medium is the freedom it offers. There are no strict word count limits or constraints on the resources you can reference. More importantly, the stories you tell are uniquely yours. This freedom is a powerful aspect of content writing, allowing you to express your perspectives and insights authentically and creatively.

Publish Your Work

Once you've proofed your samples, publish them! It's perfectly normal to have second thoughts about your articles over time. If you come across a piece that no longer resonates with you, don't hesitate to revise and republish it, especially if it addresses an evolving topic or an issue that warrants more attention. Pay attention to the feedback you receive; it's a valuable guide in shaping the direction of your future stories.

Create a Website

Eventually, establishing a personal website for your blog is a step I highly recommend. Building a website is a gradual process, but the investment pays off significantly. Your website becomes a hub where you can showcase a broader range of your work, including blogs and articles. It's also an ideal platform for launching newsletters to engage with subscribers from your email list. Additionally, your website can serve as a storefront for your evolving range of services. While you may start as a freelance writer, you might expand into editing/reviewing, provide ghostwriting services, and more. Your website is the perfect place to display these offerings.

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In Summary 

Starting a freelance health content writing career as a nurse is a journey filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. By identifying your niche, selecting the right platforms for publication, and being open to revising your work, you lay the foundation for a successful freelance career.

Remember, the stories you write are uniquely yours and hold immense value. Eventually, expanding to a personal website can further elevate your presence in the industry. Embrace the process, and your unique insights as a healthcare professional will undoubtedly enrich the world of health content writing.

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