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Unpaid Gigs: Stepping Stones or Stumbling Blocks for Aspiring Nurse Writers?

Updated: Mar 23

Is it ever advisable to write for free? This question has sparked considerable debate in many writing communities. Opinions are sharply divided, with many fervently advocating for or against the idea. Speaking from my experience as a nurse scientist, writing without financial compensation is a norm; it's a necessary practice to disseminate scientific advancements and increase the odds of funding opportunities for continued research efforts. However, the realm of freelance writing operates on a different set of rules, primarily because financial stability is directly tied to paid assignments. Navigating the unpredictable landscape of freelance work often presents a dilemma: should one accept unpaid work in the absence of paid opportunities? 

Drawing from my own journey of writing both for and without pay, I've put together a thoughtful exploration of the circumstances where writing for free might be justifiable, and when it should be avoided. It's necessary to clarify that I don't endorse the habitual undertaking of unpaid work. Yet, there are specific scenarios where writing a one-off piece for a potential client could be strategically beneficial. Here are my insights on when you might consider or steer clear of unpaid writing gigs.

1. Gaining Experience in Unfamiliar Niches

As a newer nurse writer, stepping into unfamiliar niches outside of healthcare like finance, automotive, or tech can be a game-changer. Writing a single piece for free in these areas may offer a unique opportunity to learn and understand industries vastly different from healthcare. This not only broadens your skill set but also makes you more versatile and adaptable as a writer. By embracing these new challenges, you can discover unexpected interests or uncover hidden talents, which only enriches your writing portfolio. Moreover, this experience positions you as a more well-rounded professional, appealing to a wider range of potential clients and industries in the future.

2. Building a Portfolio

For newer nurse writers, building a robust and diverse portfolio is crucial in establishing credibility and showcasing your range as a writer. Initially, accepting a free writing assignment can be a strategic move to accumulate a variety of works, especially when paid opportunities are scarce. This approach allows you to demonstrate your writing skills across different topics and formats, making your portfolio more appealing to a broader range of clients. A well-rounded portfolio not only highlights your versatility but also serves as tangible proof of your commitment and expertise in writing. Ultimately, the portfolio you build through these initial assignments becomes a key asset in attracting more paid opportunities and establishing yourself in the competitive field of freelance writing.

3. Opportunities for Networking and Exposure

Writing a free article can be an excellent strategy to network and gain exposure. When you contribute to popular platforms or collaborate with influencers in the field, you tap into their audience, significantly increasing your visibility. These collaborations can lead to valuable connections with other professionals and potential clients who appreciate your work. This exposure is not just about reaching a wider audience, but also about building relationships that could lead to more lucrative, paid writing opportunities in the future.

4. Writing About a Passion

Writing on topics that deeply resonate with you, even without immediate financial benefit, can be incredibly rewarding. It allows you to explore and express your passions, which often leads to producing your best work. This authenticity and enthusiasm often shine through in your writing, attracting readers and clients who value genuine, passionate content. Furthermore, writing about your interests can establish you as a thought leader in that particular niche, opening doors to paid opportunities in areas you are truly passionate about.

5. Trial Assignments for Potential Long-term Gigs

Engaging in a single trial assignment for potential clients can be a smart move for emerging nurse writers. These test pieces give you a chance to showcase your skills and adaptability to the client's needs. They act as a low-risk way for both you and the client to evaluate the fit before committing to a long-term relationship. Successfully completing these assignments can often lead to regular, paid writing gigs, making the initial unpaid work a worthwhile investment in a longer-term partnership.

While there are instances where taking on a free writing assignment can be advantageous, it's important to approach this practice with caution and discernment. If you're considering writing a test piece for someone, ensure that it will at least enhance your portfolio. Ideally, such an endeavor should also open doors to other opportunities, such as securing a testimonial from the client or gaining a referral within their network to potential paying clients. However, it's also crucial to understand the value of your work. In the sections below, I cover compelling reasons why prioritizing paid writing assignments is often the better choice for your writing career.

1. Established Portfolio

When you have an established portfolio featuring a diverse range of work, it's a strong indicator that your writing skills are already proven and valuable. This portfolio is a culmination of your hard work, dedication, and talent, showcasing your ability to handle various topics and styles with expertise. At this stage, your portfolio speaks for itself, justifying the need to be compensated for your time and effort. Continuing to write for free can undermine the value of your previous work and your professional growth. 

2. Positive Client Testimonials

Having written reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients is a powerful tool in a writer's arsenal. These testimonials serve as credible evidence of your proficiency and the positive impact your writing has had on clients' projects or businesses. When you have several of these reviews, it demonstrates that your work is not only of high quality but also valued by those who have engaged your services. This external validation is a key reason to start charging for your work, as it clearly indicates that your writing is worth paying for. 

3. Valuing Your Time and Skills

Recognizing the worth of your time and writing skills is necessary in the transition from a budding writer to a professional one. If you've developed a significant skill set and have dedicated considerable time to honing your craft, it's reasonable to expect financial compensation for your efforts. Writing for free indefinitely can lead to undervaluing not only your work but also the time and energy you invest in each piece. Sticking to a set rate for your services is a professional way of asserting the value you bring to the table. It's important to remember that your expertise, particularly as a nurse writer with specialized knowledge, is a valuable commodity in the marketplace.

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In Summary

The decision to write for free is a complex one, particularly for nurses venturing into the realm of freelance writing. While there are scenarios where writing without pay can offer valuable exposure, experience, or networking opportunities, it's important to approach these opportunities judiciously. Remember, your skills, time, and expertise are valuable. As you receive writing assignment offers, weigh each opportunity against your long-term career goals and financial needs.

Have you written for free? What were your reasons, and how did it impact your career? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below. Let's foster a community where we can learn from each other and grow together in our unique and rewarding path as nurse writers. Your story could be the guide that a budding nurse writer needs.

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