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The Power of Networking: Lessons from a Summer of Conferences

Updated: Mar 23

Hello, fabulous kings and queens of healthcare!

This summer has been nothing short of enlightening. As I journeyed from one conference to another, starting with the Black Nurses Week Conference, moving on to the National Nurses in Business Conference, and culminating with the Black Health Connect Conference, each conference revealed a new lesson, a new connection, and a renewed spirit for our shared passion: improving the health and well-being of others. Below I discuss some reasons why networking is vital.

The Beauty of Diverse Networking Communities

The first lesson I took away from these gatherings was the sheer brilliance of networking beyond our immediate circles. At the Black Nurses Week Conference, I was surrounded by powerful men and women, all deeply rooted in different areas and specialties in nursing. Each speaker had a story that demonstrated that when you tap into your purpose in life, you can achieve anything. As I transitioned to the other conferences, I encountered a multitude of professionals, some closely related to our field and others slightly off the beaten path. This diversity is a goldmine. Every person you meet carries with them a world of experiences, insights, and opportunities. By broadening our networking scope, we don't just grow our contacts; we evolve our thinking. We challenge our biases. We discover possibilities we never considered. So, next time you’re in a room, don’t just look for the familiar scrubs. Extend your hand to someone different. You might just find a kindred spirit in the most unexpected places.

Igniting Passion in the Undeveloped Corners

During my attendance at the the National Nurses in Business Conference, a realization struck me – there’s immense power in discovering underdeveloped niches and pouring your soul into them. Nurses gave presentations on mastering social media and LinkedIn, business coaching, and finding your niche. For me, that niche has been health content writing. Every day, countless individuals ignore critical health symptoms simply because they don’t recognize them. They might disregard that persistent cough, that recurring headache, or that unusual fatigue, thinking it's "nothing." But we, as healthcare professionals, know better. We understand the silent stories these symptoms narrate. And it’s our duty, our purpose, to bridge this knowledge gap. Health content writing has been my way of doing that. It’s where my passion meets purpose.

Building an Empire (And Having Fun Doing It!)

Building a business, especially in healthcare, is serious business. But who said serious can’t be fun? Each conference wasn’t just a hub of knowledge; it was a moment to learn and have fun! Many of the discussions and lectures centered around self-care while building your brand and setting up boundaries. Every moment was a reminder that our journey, though challenging, can be incredibly fun. When you love what you do, when you’re surrounded by a tribe that lifts you up, and when you’re driven by a purpose greater than profit, the journey becomes a dance. So, as you carve your path in the world of health entrepreneurship, remember to enjoy the ride. Laugh at your mistakes (because there's likely to be a few), celebrate your wins (no matter how small), and dance... even if people are watching.

More Reasons to Network

Yes, conferences can be expensive, but well worth the experience. Here are some additional reasons you should consider attending a conference:

  1. Professional Development: Attending networking events can lead to skill development opportunities, such as workshops or seminars, which can enhance your professional credentials.

  2. Increased Visibility: Regular networking can help you and your organization gain recognition in your industry, making it easier to establish yourself as an authority or leader in your field.

  3. Access to Resources: Connections in your network might introduce you to tools, technologies, or even funding sources that can be beneficial for your projects or endeavors.

  4. Collaboration: Meeting like-minded professionals can lead to potential collaborations on projects, joint ventures, or other cooperative efforts.

  5. Building Confidence: Regular interactions with professionals can enhance communication skills and boost self-confidence, which is essential for career growth.

  6. Staying Updated: Networking keeps you informed about the latest trends, best practices, and industry news, ensuring you stay relevant in your field.

  7. Personal Growth: Beyond the professional benefits, networking can lead to meaningful personal relationships and friendships which can contribute to personal satisfaction and growth.

Me in front of the Black Health Connect Conference Poster
Health Conference

In Summary

This summer’s conference tour has been more than just an educational escapade. It's been a voyage of self-discovery, of building bridges, and of embracing joy in every little thing. To my growing Nurse Scribe community, know this: our journey is unique, filled with hurdles and joys that only we can truly understand. But with the power of networking, with the fire of passion, and with a spirit that knows how to have fun, there's no limit to the heights we can reach.

Here's to building, connecting, and dancing our way to success!

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