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Success Mindset for Nurse Freelance Writers

Updated: Mar 23

Hey y’all! I'm the founder of the freelance health content writing business, Authored by AJP, which I boldly started in 2022. My journey began after over a year of hesitation, a period which was filled with self-doubt and contemplation. Finally, I decided to bet on myself and dive into the world of freelance writing as a nurse. The path to success in such an unconventional field isn’t paved with clear guidelines or handbooks, yet I took the plunge anyway, driven by passion and determination.

In this blog, I aim to share important lessons I've learned throughout my business-building journey. One of the greatest lessons for me has been the importance of reshaping my mindset. The freedom of being your own boss is exhilarating but not without its challenges, including moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. My experiences, I hope, will inspire and empower the next generation of nurse writers. You are not just brilliant; you are exceptionally equipped to excel as a nurse freelance writer. Here are some invaluable lessons from my journey, lessons that I believe can help you create your path to success.

I'm In Charge: Embracing Entrepreneurial Autonomy

My journey into freelance health content writing began with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. Initially, I felt like a novice navigating an uncharted territory. I enrolled in several courses designed by experienced nurse writers, which offered incredible insights and tips on becoming a freelance writer. These courses were valuable, but the most vital lesson I learned was understanding that I am in complete control of my business. This realization was both empowering and daunting.

Being in charge meant overseeing every aspect of my business. I was responsible for deciding how much to invest, where to allocate resources, setting my rates, choosing my working hours and environment, and selecting the clients I wanted to work with. This level of autonomy was overwhelming at first, especially since I wasn't accustomed to such a degree of control. However, as I embraced this autonomy, my mindset began to transform. I started recognizing the unique value I brought to the field, which made it easier to discern which assignments to accept or decline. Understanding my worth and the importance of my contributions was pivotal in shaping my professional journey.

The Learning Curve is Real: Embracing Continuous Growth

My early days in the freelance writing world were marked by a fervent desire to establish myself quickly. Eager to jumpstart my career, I accepted every assignment that came my way, operating under the belief that producing a high volume of content would rapidly attract higher-paying clients and enable me to transition from my full-time job. However, the reality of freelance writing soon became apparent: even with a significant output of articles, there were still periods of slow business, with few assignments and uninterested clients. This was a stark contrast to my initial expectations, where I envisioned a steady stream of work and immediate success.

These experiences underscored the importance of being open to learning and adapting. As I navigated these challenges, there were moments of doubt, moments when I questioned the viability of my freelance venture. However, I chose to persevere and continue building my business, which was a decision rooted in the understanding that success is rarely instantaneous. To tackle this learning curve, I focused on professional development, investing a significant financial amount in my first year. This investment served as a constant reminder that, while the allure of overnight success is strong, the real goal of any business, including freelance writing, is to generate consistent revenue and evolve gradually. Embracing this learning curve meant dedicating more time to areas where I felt less confident, understanding that growth comes from facing and overcoming these uncertainties. This approach has been pivotal in not just surviving but thriving in the freelance writing industry, allowing me to find my unique niche and gradually build a sustainable and successful business.

Setting Core Values: The Foundation of Your Business

Core values serve as the fundamental beliefs and guiding principles at the heart of a business, shaping its identity and influencing every decision it makes. These principles are vital in the business world as they act as a moral compass, directing the actions and behaviors of the organization. They are instrumental in ensuring consistency in business operations, cultivating a robust brand identity, and nurturing trust and loyalty among all involved parties. It wasn't until I encountered my initial client interactions, particularly those requesting various health content, that I truly understood the importance of setting core values. These experiences highlighted what was important to me in terms of content creation and the types of companies I wanted to associate with. Failing to establish and communicate clear core values can leave a business struggling to articulate its purpose and mission to others.

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In Summary

In this blog, we've navigated through some essential pillars of building a successful freelance business: taking charge, embracing the learning curve, and setting core values. These principles have been the bedrock of my journey, steering me through challenges and towards triumphs. Taking charge put me at the helm of my destiny, while embracing the learning curve kept me resilient and adaptable. Setting core values ensured my business aligned with my personal beliefs and ethics. These lessons have not just shaped my business; they have transformed my approach to life and work.

I encourage you to reflect on these aspects in your own entrepreneurial or personal growth journey. How can taking charge, embracing learning, and upholding core values reshape your path? I'd love to hear about your experiences and thoughts, so please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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