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Nursing + Entrepreneurship: A Winning Combination in Content Writing

Updated: Mar 23

Are you a bedside nurse looking for a change in your career? Have you ever felt trapped in the endless cycle of employment and income generation, constantly searching for something more fulfilling? I can relate to that struggle.

No matter how high I climbed on the career ladder, I always felt like there was something missing. Despite enjoying the role of a registered nurse at the bedside, I couldn't shake the feeling of unfulfillment and unhappiness. Going to work started feeling like a chore rather than a calling.

Becoming an entrepreneur wasn't an overnight decision for me. I had to overcome the mindset that confined nurses to the bedside, believing there were limited options within the hospital setting which would sustain my nursing career.

I've always had an interest in entrepreneurship, even earning an MBA to support my aspirations. However, fear and uncertainty held me back. I didn't know where to begin or which industry to pursue. When my dream of becoming a nurse came true, I temporarily put my entrepreneurial ambitions on hold.

However, being a registered nurse actually tapped into my entrepreneurial skills. As a bedside nurse, I made a good income and had the opportunity to care for patients and educate them about their medical conditions. But despite these positives, I still felt unsatisfied. There was a sense of guilt associated with being an entrepreneur while having a nursing license, as it's traditionally associated with saving lives in emergency or dire situations.

I had to undergo a mindset shift, realizing that there were other people I could help who might never become my patients in a hospital or clinic setting. There are individuals out there who may not even know they need medical attention, and it's our duty as nurses to educate and prevent unnecessary hospital visits.

What attracted me to content writing as a career choice was the ability to pursue it alongside my current job without giving up my nursing career entirely. I started small, carving out pockets of time while balancing full-time school and work commitments. I'm grateful I took that leap because now I have clients and more time to dedicate to writing, which has always been my passion.

Content writing provides a simple entry point into the world of entrepreneurship. If you're a nurse curious about exploring new possibilities, I encourage you to consider content writing. It has low startup costs and can be a rewarding path to explore. You can also delve deeper into this topic by checking out my e-book, where I explain why content writing may be the right fit for you.

Remember, there's more to your nursing skills than just the bedside. Embracing your entrepreneurial side through content writing can open up new avenues for making an impact and finding fulfillment in your career.

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