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Navigating Health Content Ideation: A Guide for Registered Nurses

Updated: Mar 23

Hello to all the dedicated nurses and future health content maestros! 🩺✍️

With your invaluable experience on the front lines of healthcare, the transition to becoming a health content writer feels natural. You already possess a wealth of knowledge, but when faced with a blank page, where do you start? Identifying fresh, relevant, and impactful topics is the cornerstone of compelling content.

Take a look at this ideation guide tailored for registered nurses ready to make their mark in health content writing.

Leverage Personal Experiences

Your experiences as a nurse are rich, diverse, and eye-opening. Think about:

  • Patient Interactions: Was there a patient story that touched your heart or changed your perspective?

  • Procedural Changes: How have certain procedures evolved during your time in service? How did they impact patient care?

  • Shifts and Work Routines: Share time management tips or discuss the emotional roller-coaster of a 12-hour shift.

Engage with Healthcare Communities

Your peers can be a wellspring of inspiration. Use platforms and professional organizations to generate ideas for content using the following:

  • Forums and Discussions: Platforms like AllNurses or Medscape host discussions on a plethora of topics. What are the recurrent themes? What concerns are nurses voicing?

  • Local Nursing Associations: Attend meetings or workshops. Listen to the buzz, the challenges, and the success stories.

Address Current Events

Stay updated with the latest in healthcare. This not only keeps your content current but also positions you as a thought leader. Review the following:

  • Medical News Websites: Websites like Medical News Today or WebMD often spotlight trending health topics.

  • Public Health Alerts: Address outbreaks, epidemics, or public health advisories. Share insights, precautions, or the nursing perspective.

Patient Education

Remember those frequent questions patients ask? Turn them into informative pieces. Consider creating content from the following:

  • Disease Management: Create guides on managing diabetes, hypertension, or other common conditions.

  • Postoperative Care: Tips, insights, and best practices after surgery.

  • Medication Education: Highlight the importance of medication adherence, potential side effects, or drug interactions.

Seasonal Topics

Seasonal health issues are always relevant. Consider the following for future content:

  • Summer: Address heat strokes, hydration, sun protection.

  • Winter: Discuss flu vaccinations, frostbite prevention, or seasonal affective disorder.

  • National Health Observances: Sync your content with health observance months (e.g., Breast Cancer Awareness in October).

Professional Development for Nurses

Your audience isn’t just patients. Fellow nurses might look to you for guidance. You can provide insight on these topics with ease:

  • Continuing Education: The importance of CEUs, how to get credits, or breaking down new educational modules.

  • Career Progression: Discuss specialties, advanced degrees, or transitioning from RN to Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Scientist, or Nurse Educator, among others.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Discuss how nurses collaborate with other healthcare professionals. Write a feature story on these topics:

  • Team Dynamics: The relationship between nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, or dietitians.

  • Case Studies: A complex patient case where teamwork led to improved outcomes.

Embrace Tech and Innovation

The medical field is constantly evolving, and so should your content. Consider writing on these topics:

  • Medical Technology: New tools in patient care, digital health records, or telehealth implications.

  • Apps for Nurses: Review and recommend apps beneficial for healthcare professionals.

Photo by Kai Gradert on Unsplash

In Summary

As you venture through this content creation journey, remember: your experiences, insights, and voice matter. While research and relevance are important, authenticity is what truly resonates. Conduct thorough research, stay curious, and let your nursing wisdom shine through your words. Happy writing! 🌟📝🩺

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