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Time Management as a New Freelance Writer

Updated: Mar 23

Are you a nurse looking to explore new horizons in your career? Freelance writing might be the perfect avenue for you. Combining your nursing expertise with the art of crafting compelling content can open up a world of opportunities. But, as with anything else, learning a new skill can take time, and figuring out where to dedicate your time is critical if you are to get a quick start to writing articles and get paid for doing so. In this blog we'll delve into where to focus your time as a nurse venturing into freelance content writing.

B2B or B2C

When making this choice, it's important to align it with your nursing background and career aspirations. Opting to write for businesses can lead to stable income and opportunities for specializing in healthcare-related content, such as medical research articles or patient education materials. Conversely, choosing to write for consumers can be creatively rewarding, allowing you to explore a wide array of healthcare topics like wellness, health tips, patient stories, and more. Ultimately, your decision should harmonize with your passion for nursing and your financial goals. Some accomplished nurse freelance writers strike a balance by diversifying their portfolio, catering to both markets, and thus ensuring a steady income while indulging in their creative healthcare writing pursuits.

Choose What to Write About

When deciding what to write about as a nurse interested in freelance writing, consider leveraging your healthcare experience while also considering both your interests and market demand. Start by identifying your specific nursing niche or areas of expertise, whether it's pediatrics, mental health, or healthcare technology, as this can make you a sought-after writer in that field. Research market trends and the demand for healthcare-related content, ensuring your chosen topics align with your career goals and financial needs. Balancing your nursing knowledge with your personal interests will help you maintain enthusiasm for your work. Be open to exploring new healthcare topics or niches to stay versatile and market-relevant. This allows your freelance writing career to evolve alongside your interests and the ever-changing needs of healthcare clients and readers.

Craft Writing Samples

Before you start drafting samples, read the work of others in your niche field. Continue to read widely and start creating samples that demonstrate your ability to communicate complex medical information in a clear and accessible way, catering to both healthcare professionals and the general public (or whomever is your target audience). Consider producing a variety of samples, such as articles on healthcare trends, patient education materials, or blog posts on wellness topics. Highlight your ability to conduct thorough research, cite credible sources, and maintain accuracy in your writing. Additionally, include real-world examples or case studies from your nursing experience to illustrate your practical knowledge. Crafting a diverse portfolio of writing samples that reflect your nursing background and writing skills will help you attract clients and projects that align with your expertise and interests.

Market Yourself as a Freelance Writer

When nurses market themselves as freelance writers, they should leverage their unique background to establish credibility and attract healthcare-related clients. Start by creating a professional website or portfolio showcasing your nursing qualifications, writing samples, and a clear description of your services. Network within the healthcare industry, reaching out to former colleagues, healthcare professionals, and online communities to build connections and gain referrals. Highlight your ability to bridge the gap between medical expertise and effective communication in your marketing materials, emphasizing your capacity to write accurate, trustworthy, and engaging healthcare content. Consider offering content tailored to medical journals, patient education materials, or healthcare blogs, demonstrating your versatility. Building a strong online presence, emphasizing your nursing knowledge, and delivering high-quality work will help you successfully market yourself as a freelance writer in the healthcare niche.

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Like a Boss

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In Summary

Nurses possess a unique advantage with their in-depth medical understanding. As you venture into the world of freelance writing, remember to build a strong online presence, continue learning, and connect with the healthcare community. Read widely and start crafting some writing samples or create a blog. Your ability to communicate important healthcare information effectively can make a profound impact on readers and clients alike. By blending your nursing expertise with your newfound writing skills, you can thrive as a freelance writer and contribute to the ever-evolving field of healthcare communication and content writing.

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